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PEdALED was founded in 2007 by designer Hideto Suzuki when he left a career in high-end Japanese fashion to pursue creating beautiful, functional cycling apparel—clothing made to explore the world. What started as a vision brought to life in a small shop in Shibuya, Tokyo has since expanded to include numerous collections and countless product innovations. Forever guided by the core belief that each feature of a garment should serve to improve both function and performance, not simply aesthetics, PEdALED continues to move the sport of cycling forward and further into adventure.


Through thoughtful design and the use of powerful natural fibers and advanced technical fabrics, PEdALED cycling apparel combines comfort, durability and performance for gravel grinders, road racers, trail riders, bikepackers and adventurous cyclists of all kinds. But innovation rarely comes easily. Which is why PEdALED products are tried and tested on some of the toughest rides on the planet, such as the Atlas Mountain, Transcontinental and Silk Road Mountain Races—challenging events which we are immensely proud to support.

The early days of bicycle racing was a time when intrepid riders took on long, hard races alone: without team cars and soigneurs to look after them.
They were hardy and sometimes desperate men who ate what they could find, slept when possible and rode every inch of the way. They weren't professional athletes as we know them today, and most weren’t men of means. They were "mavericks, vagabonds and adventurers" who picked up a bicycle and went to seek their fortune.


The landscape of Kyrgyzstan is mountainous, rugged and remote. Jagged peaks
make up the horizon, towering over green fields, rolling hills and icy streams,
twinkling silver in the moonlight. Outside the capital of Bishkek, populations
grow sparse and infrastructure is scarce. Roads turn to gravel, then dirt, as
elevations regularly climb above 4,000 meters. It’s a land of nomads, with many
still choosing to follow a traditional way of life, tending to livestock and
moving with the seasons.

The Atlas Mountain Race is an unsupported single-stage cycling race that
will take place in Morocco. With a grand depart from Marrakech, the Atlas
Mountain Race is a fixed route, unsupported, single-stage cycling race through
the spectacular mountains of the Atlas and Anti-Atlas. The clock does not stop,
and no prizes are awarded. The race will follow gravel, single and double track
and old, hand built, colonial roads that have long been forgotten and fallen
into disrepair – there will be very little tarmac.


The Trans Pyrenees Race is a self-supported, 1,500-km ultra-endurance
cycling race
traversing some of Europe’s hardest mountain passes, from
Biarritz, in southern France, to Spain’s most easterly point, Cap de Creus, and
back again. Along the way, riders must stamp their brevet cards at three
control points and complete six parcours—but aside from that, everything else
is fair game.



A long journey that started in a small shop in Shibuya has since led PEdALED to become a trusted, inspiring brand for cyclists around the planet. And while we have grown, our mission remains the same: to change the shape of cycling as a sport, encourage exploration and become the benchmark for adventurous cycling. PEdALED products can be found on our web shop, through our network of the finest global bike retailers and on the backs of intrepid cyclists everywhere.

Where will your journey take you?