When the harshest winter weather hits, only the brave and the prepared continue to ride. We designed out Winter Shoes to be your preparation against the worst of winter, no matter if you’re on your daily commute or a weeklong backcountry bikepacking adventure. An evolution on the timeless hiking boot design, these cycling boots look good in any situation and perform perfectly, on or off the bike.


Produced in Italy by experience shoemakers, Diemme, the Winter Shoes have an all-leather, weatherproof construction with durable Vibram rubber soles, featuring a special, pedal-friendly slim profile and rubber toe cap. The low-cut ankle on these commuter and bikepacking boots allow for a comfortable pedal stroke, while the sure-grip tread provides better stability, whether hiking a bike up steep trails or walking down icy stairs. Reflective elements increase visibility wherever you choose to ride.


Leather Uppers, Rubber Sole
Made in Italy by Diemme.

  • Winter
  • Winter

Winter Shoes

Classic hiking boot design adapted into a commuter-friendly winter cycling boot. read more watch video
Color: Grey
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