Our collection of comfortable, breathable cycling base layers to regulate moisture and temper-ature, so you stay drier in summer, warmer in winter and focused on your surroundings, in-stead of your kit. With merino, sleeveless, short or long sleeve options, our men’s base layers are made to move from super soft natural and performance fabrics for varying conditions and are an essential part of every serious cyclist’s wardrobe.

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Odyssey Power Dry® Base Layer ärmellos
Ab 63 CHF
Yuki Langarm Winter Baselayer
Ab 104 CHF
Essential Langarm Merino Baselayer
Essential Ärmelloser Merino Baselayer
Ab 69 CHF
Mirai Ultraleichter, ärmelloser Baselayer
Ab 55 CHF
Mirai Ultraleichter Baselayer
Ab 63 CHF
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