Watch: Into the Rift

Directed by Brady Lawrence
Morocco, 2020

Set in early 2020, Into the Rift follows the journeys of intrepid riders as they take on the challenge of the inaugural Atlas Mountain Race in Morocco. Unsupported and following a fixed route, once they cross the starting line in Marrakech, riders must make their way up, down and around the winding, often unpaved Moroccan roads that traverse the Atlas Mountain Range—all under the watchful eye of a clock that only stops at the finish in Agadir, nearly 1,200 kilometers away.

En route, riders face physical hardship, mechanical difficulties, and plenty of hike-a-bike moments. But they also experience human kindness and the vast, wild beauty of the unmatched Moroccan landscape. Ride along on this one-of-a-kind bikepacking adventure race with Into the Rift. Watch now.