As if ultra-endurance cycling wasn’t challenging enough, the frigid temperatures and unpredictable winter weather of events like the Silk Road Mountain Race can truly test riders to their limits. Being prepared takes both physical and mental fitness as well as the right clothing and equipment to anticipate any situation. For riders ready for the challenge, we developed our Odyssey Winter Tights, an innovative pair of cold weather cycling bibs made with Power Wool™ by Polartec® for unrivaled winter cycling performance. With a long-distance specific chamois and multiple storage solutions, the Odyssey tights are prepared for long days on or off road and all of winter’s obstacles—are you?


Geared towards ultra-distance races and bikepacking adventures alike, the Odyssey men’s winter cycling tights are made from Power Wool™ by Polartec®, a bi-component knit fabric that places the natural comfort and breathability of merino wool against the skin beneath a durable, protective synthetic outer layer. By doing so, the Odyssey Winter Bibs combine the best of natural merino performance with the better fit provided by more elastic, technical fabrics. For added versatility, these ultra-distance men’s bib tights house multiple pockets for easy on-the-bike storage. The Odyssey Winter Tights come with reflective elements for safer rides, day or night.


53% Nylon, 26% Elastan, 21% Wool
Designed in Japan.

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  • Odyssey

Odyssey Power Wool™ Bib Tights

Winter-ready comfort and innovative storage solutions for the ultimate in ultra-distance cycling bibs, made with Power Wool™ by Polartec®. read more watch video
Color: Black
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