We created the Tokaido Alpha Neck Warmer to provide better face and neck protection as conditions change and roads diverge. With the knowledge gained through years of involvement with the Transcontinental Race, the Silk Road Mountain Race and other ultra-distance events, we have partnered with famed fabric manufacturers Polartec® to create the Tokaido collection—a winter weather cycling kit made from their revolutionary Alpha® fabrics. Made with combined expertise, the Tokaido Alpha insulated cycling neck wrap provides versatile insulation in a lightweight accessory ready to tackle tough roads and trails.


Made from revolutionary Alpha® fabrics by Polartec®, the Tokaido Alpha Neck Warmer is designed to adapt to the elements. Originally created for the U.S. Special Forces, Alpha® fabrics combine lofted fibers with a solid mesh core for superior insulation that is lightweight, compressible and moisture wicking. The Tokaido Alpha Neck Wrap utilizes what Polartec® call “air exchange” technology, releasing excess heat and moisture from breath while blocking cold air from coming in. This clever, insulated cycling neck wrap has a two-way design, with laser cut holes on one side for easy breathing on climbs and full insulation when reversed for better warmth on chilly descents.


100% Polyamide + 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane
Designed in Japan. Made in Italy.

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  • Tokaido

Tokaido Alpha Neck Warmer

A two-way, insulated cycling neck warmer made with Polartec® Alpha® fabric and tested on the Silk Road Mountain Race in Kyrgyzstan. read more watch video
Color: Grey
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