Watch: #171 - The Transcontinental Race Journey

Directed by Gianmarco Dodesini Valsecchi
Belgium/Turkey 2016

The brainchild of late-racer and legendary rider Mike Hall, the Transcontinental Race remains a truly unique institution in the world of ultra-distance bike races. First held in 2013, the TCR takes riders across the European continent from a fixed starting point to a fixed finish, with mandatory parcours and checkpoints in between—and the rest of the route is left up to each individual rider. The entire race is unsupported with a clock that starts and doesn’t stop till competitors cross the finish line over 3,000 kilometers away.

In #171 – The Transcontinental Race Journey, viewers join rider Jacopo Porreca and fellow TCR competitors on a personal journey throughout the event’s fourth edition in 2016, from the start in Geraardsbergen, Belgium through checkpoints in France, Switzerland, Italy and Montenegro and onwards to the end in Çanakkale, Turkey. Join their journey.