Together with late TCR founder Mike Hall, we created our official Transcontinental Jersey as a performance cycling jersey for riders open to adventure. Featuring design elements and technical fabrics inspired by and ready for one of the hardest ultra-distance races on earth, the Transcontinental Jersey is an homage to Mike Hall’s groundbreaking creation.


Aesthetically, the Transcontinental Jersey displays lines, mountains and dots, all representative of the race. The dots symbolize the racers’ map markers, staggered in a podium formation. The mountains represent the control points that all racers must pass through while the lines are symbols of the individual paths followed by each Transcontinental rider, alone in their self-sufficiency, yet all fighting towards the same finish. Technically, we wanted to create a cycling jersey that could withstand the rigors of such a demanding race. Crafted from Lycra® Power Fabric, the Transcontinental Jersey is versatile and hard-wearing, a perfect choice of jersey when you can only choose one. The neutral grey color was selected to look good following days and weeks at the wheel between washes and the sleeves were lengthened for better sun protection and to easily overlap with arm warmers. Reinforced rear pockets allow for over-stuffing, and the full-length zipper makes for easy changes and temperature control.


85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane
Designed in Japan. Made in Italy.

Transcontinental Official Jersey

A long distance, short sleeve cycling jersey designed together with the late Transcontinental Race founder Mike Hall. read more watch video
Color: Grey
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