The Odyssey Reflective Gloves are a unique, two-piece defense against the constantly changing conditions often found on cycling adventures. Riding extreme distances often means riders encounter a variety of weather, temperatures and situations. The innovative Odyssey cycling gloves are made to adapt through the use of a deployable reflective rain cover for wet-weather and low-light riding.


The key to the Odyssey Reflective Gloves’ wet-weather performance sits neatly inside the integrated wrist pocket. Tucked inside, a waterproof, wind-stopping membrane is ready to be deployed when the weather takes a turn for the worse. This double-use system gives the Odyssey gloves unmatched versatility for the type of cycling adventure where kit choice is crucial. For low-light riding, the glove cover is printed with a reflective pattern that’s designed to match our odyssey jersey and socks. And for easy navigation, the Odyssey cycling gloves include touchscreen reactive fingertips.


80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane + 100% Polyamide
Designed in Japan. Made in Italy.

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  • Odyssey

Odyssey Reflective Gloves

Innovative, two-piece cycling gloves that easily adapt to changing weather and light. read more watch video
Color: Grey
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