Maximum protection in a minimal design, our Shibuya Lightweight Cycling Gloves are ideal for the heat of summer when staying cool shouldn’t mean sacrificing safety. Keep your hands cushioned for long rides and protected in case of a fall with the Shibuya Gloves.


Sweaty hands are slippery hands. The Shibuya Lightweight Gloves have breathable backs to help avoid excess heat and sweat so you never lose your grip. Abrasion-resistant genuine leather palms keep you safe in the event of a spill while extra padding on pressure points reduces hand fatigue and numbness. Compression cuffs provide added stability and confidence on uneven terrain and tricky descents. A stretchy polyester blend ensures a comfortable fit while providing important UV protection. Special tabs at the wrist make putting on our Shibuya Gloves simple.


80% Polyester, 20% Elastane back, 100% Leather front
Designed in Japan. Made in Italy.

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Shibuya Lightweight Gloves

Regular Price € 40 -30% As low as € 28

Lightweight fingerless cycling gloves with leather padded palms for minimalists seeking maximum protection. read more
Color: White
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