The Koshi Elastica Belt disguises safety in style. During normal wear, the Koshi appears to be a standard braided dress belt with thoughtful touches, like a friction buckle and contrasting Brooks saddle leather inserts. At night, however, the Koshi transforms into a cycling safety accessory, acting as a bright reflector for better visibility when riding after dark.


Woven into the Koshi Elastica Belt are dozens of reflective fibers that shine at night under headlights. Under normal light, the Koshi belt acts as a stylish addition to any outfit. A friction buckle allows for easy adjustments while Brooks saddle leather inserts provide colorful accents. The braided, stretchable construction avoids discomfort or binding when worn on the bike. Being an everyday accessory, wearing the Koshi Elastica Belt means that no matter where your day takes you, you’ll never be caught out in the dark without reflectors again.


20% Leather, 60% Polyester, 20% Elastane
Designed in Japan. Made in Italy.

  • Koshi

Koshi Elastica Belt

A classic braided belt made from non-traditional hyper-reflective threads for better visibility when riding at night. read more watch video
Color: Brown
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