Named for the late, great Italian framebuilder, Dario Pegoretti, the Dario Socks pay homage to the innovative spirit of “Il Maestro”. Available in three bold designs and multiple colors, these cycling socks are made from performance Dryarn® fabric for a moisture-wicking sock that reduces odor and, just like a legendary Pegoretti frame, combines substance and style. Temperature regulation is key for every part of your body in every season, which makes our Dario Socks a great choice for comfortable feet all year round.


We blend Dryarn® into our Dario Socks so your feet stay fresh. Dryarn® fibers offer performance unmatched by other materials, resulting in cycling socks that are more breathable than polyester, warmer than wool and lighter than both—not to mention, odor resistant. Combining Italian craftsmanship with Japanese design, our Dario Flag socks feature the symbol of Japan, the land of the rising sun. Cut tall for a modern look and built with plenty of stretch so your feet stay comfortable and your socks stay put.


20% Dryarn® PP, 13% Rayon, 13% Cotton, 53% Polyamide, 1% Elastane
Designed in Japan. Made in Italy.

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Dario Socks Flag

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Fast drying and breathable cycling socks made with Dryarn® and cut tall for a modern look. read more watch video
Color: White
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