Meet Team Amani

Based in the Netherlands but with a broad reach, the Amani Project is an international bike racing team with a focus that extends far beyond any individual finish line. With a mission to lead initiatives that expand inclusivity in the sport while encouraging more equitable racing opportunities for riders based in East Africa, Amani take a multi-pronged approach towards creating the type of competition everyone can enjoy—and they’re only just warming up.


One of the primary focuses of the Amani Project is outreach. By partnering with teams throughout Kenya, Rwanda, and beyond, they invite riders to experience life as a competitive cyclist, training and racing in Europe while going head-to-head against top international talent. United by the “Timu Moja” spirit, meaning “One Team” in Swahili, Amani welcomed riders Kenneth Karaya, Jordan Schleck, and Evan Wangai from their homes in Kenya and Uganda to join their international teammates in the Netherlands for a month spent riding and racing together earlier this year.

Furthering the #JustRace initiative, the Fursa Opportunity is specifically focused on international gravel races, with team riders Sule Kangangi, Nancy Ankinyi Debe, Geoffrey Langat, and John Kariuki heading to Europe to take on events such as Jeroboam and Badlands—and even making time for a Swiss bikepacking adventure during their visit. As travel becomes safer and lockdowns begin to lift, Fursa also plans to bring riders to some of the boldest US-based gravel events in the coming racing season.

For those unable to make the trip, Amani has also established a comprehensive e-racing program. Started as a way to cope with early Covid travel restrictions, the online campaign has proven a valuable resource for connecting riders and showcasing talent on a global platform.

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Of course, while the European and US circuits might represent the upper echelons of professional racing, part of equity means providing riders opportunities to compete without having to travel halfway across the world—and the Migration Gravel Race does just that. Launched this past summer to much excitement, MGR invited East African riders as well as leading international talent to take on the challenging gravel roads of Kenya’s Maasai Mara for a four-stage race unlike any other.

In addition to introducing the world to the stunning and remote beauty of the Mara, MGR promotes and builds stronger localized cycling culture while supporting communities and teams throughout the region. This year, all proceeds from the inaugural event went directly to Kenyan Riders, the country’s most elite racing team.

You can support the Amani Project by becoming a member and follow them for exciting team news and updates @teamamani